About Us

30 years of experience

they make us partners rather than suppliers.

A dynamic company in constant evolution, the quality of a reliable partner for your professionalism.

Company History

1938 - The Farinelli company is born

The Farinelli company was founded in Palazzolo sull'Oglio (Brescia) in 1938, as a mechanical workshop specializing in the design and production of bakery machines.

1938 - Nasce l'azienda Farinelli

1972 - Farinelli expands

The Farinelli sons give life to a company capable of supplying cutting-edge equipment to fully satisfy its customers. 

1972 - Farinelli si espande

1999 - The purchase

The Farinelli company was bought by young entrepreneurs from Brescia who decided to give it new impetus to a market now saturated with obsolete machinery.

1999 - L'acquisto

2007 - Tecnoastepan takes over Farinelli

The company is taken over by the Tecnoastepan group which, thanks to thirty years of experience in the bakery sector, and the constant search for innovation and design of its founding partners, improves production quality by becoming competitive in the market.

2007 - Tecnoastepan rileva Farinelli

2021 - Tecnoastepan Group is born

To honor the stories of the companies, a new logo is created that encompasses both. TECNOASTEPAN Group srls is a dynamic company in continuous evolution, which with the quality of its partners guarantees quality and professionalism.

2021 - Nasce Tecnoastepan Group